Product Architecture
The blockchain system comprises storage peers communicating on a P2P network, providing trustful data processing and storage. In this system, digital assets store data, schemas guarantee specifications, and the Smart Contract defines the process. The administrator visually manages the system through the portal, and the application accesses the trusted data in the chain via the access gateway to enable reliable cooperation between systems.
Network Architecture
The storage peer connects other peers of the distributed cluster through the blockchain network. The management portal communicates directly with the storage peer in the same network. Multiple access gateways deploy on the network edge, forwarding external requests. The system could install in private or public networks.

A distributed ledger system assembled by authenticated nodes could create and access trusted data that enable real-time collaboration of multiple systems.

  • Digital Assets
    • Document data model
    • Data schema management
    • Digital assets management
    • Complex query and data indexing
  • Smart Contracts
    • Executes without a compiler and virtual machine
    • Design, debug and deploy in the visual interface
    • Address and invoke by contract name
    • Trace execute plan
  • Cluster Management
    • Configure cluster
    • Monitor status and resource
    • Query transactions and block data
    • Audit module and operate logs
  • Security
    • Zero Trust Model
    • Fine-grained role-based access control
    • Digital identity
    • Access token
    • Ed25519 signature algorithm
  • Performance
    • Scale-out access service allows above 500 concurrent connections per entry point.
    • Process more than 100 transactions per second.
    • 95% of data updates are stored persistently in a sub-second if the record count is under ten million.


Reliable real-time data services can augment the data processing of current information systems, which the digital age uses in various scenarios.

Data Middle Platform

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Secure Data Sharing

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Digital Twin

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