Taiyi - building your blockchain in minutes

An easy-to-use production-grade blockchain, rich-featured, free to use, could deploy on servers in minutes. Enable blockchain technology on your team and product for Digital Transformation.


A friendly and robust framework makes digital transformation come true.

Out of the Box

Building own blockchain system in minutes, including GUI, resource monitoring, complex querying, and zero trust security.

Seamless Upgrade

The latest developing technology's standard data and operating models enable seamless upgrading of existing systems.

Lightning Transaction

Fast as a commercial database, more than 95% of transactions are guaranteed to store on the chain in sub-seconds.

Intuitive Design

Visually design business data or Smart Contracts, and manage everything without coding.

Flexible Deployment

A flexible architecture suited for internal projects to public service adapts to more business scenarios.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do?

Provide blockchain service and visual management that the customer application could connect using SDK and access business data like the traditional database.

Is this for free?

Free to use, no restrictions, including production environment and commercial projects.

Installation requirements?

2 cores, 4GB memory, and 50 GB disk, with CentOS 7 Minimal installed with network ready

Minimum servers required for installation?

Evaluation testing requires only one server, but the production system requires at least three servers.

Is any third-party software required?

No, no third-party software is required. The installer is sufficient.


Reliable real-time data services can augment the data processing of current information systems, which the digital age uses in various scenarios.

Data Middle Platform

Data Middle Platform

Enable applications to build and share trusted data in real-time, making high-performance collaboration across systems possible.

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Secure Data Sharing

Secure Data Sharing

Share credible and reliable data within or among multiple systems, and ensure the privacy and security of the critical data.

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Digital Twin

Digital Twin

Binding physical objects as digital assets synchronizing in real-time enables reliable interaction between the real and digital worlds.

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